Sunday, February 3, 2008

VX-1R Battery

Yaesu discontinued the original FNB-52 Li-Ion battery for the vx-1r but now there are replacement batteries availible from various dealers.

You cand find replacement batteries here:

If you know any other online store that sells batteries for the vx-1r feel free to leave a comment

Frozen VX-1R After Computer Programming

If your transciever freezes during the programming, don't worry it can happen but it's easily resolved.

Just remove the battery and let the transciever rest for a few hours, then do a hard reset an the problem should be gone.

VX-1R Software Modifications

With the software described in the post below, you also can extend the recieve and transmit range of your vx-1r transciever without modifying the hardware.

The maximum transmit range is 108-560 Mhz with full output power! It is also known as the Free-Band configuration.

With the Free-Band mod, the recieve range is 76-999 Mhz.

Here is the table of reciever sensitivity as listed in the owners manual:

76-108 MHz 1.6 uV
108-136 MHz 0.5 uV
144-148 MHz 0.16 uV
170-222 MHz 15.8 uV
300-420 MHz 0.5 uV
430-450 MHz 0.18 uV
470-800 MHz 15.8 uV
800-999 MHz 5 uV

As you can see, the vx-1r does not really make a good reciever outside the amateur bands, especially on VHF so you'll need a better antenna to compensate.

VX-1R Computer Programming

As you may know, there is a Yaesu branded programming cable for the vx-1r which is really expensive, but there is a very simple and almost free alternative.

First, the software you need is called VX-1R WinControler written by Bodo Schneider(DL4CU), it is availible as free download here.

Then you need the interface between the transciever and your PC.

The interface is really cheap and easy to build.

You also need a four conductor 3.5 mm plug to connect the interface to the radio.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.